Record Store Engagement Shoot

Have you ever met someone and knew they were perfect for you?

The kind of person you can't wait to work with?

Andrew and Maryssa were those people for me.

(If you're reading this, you can be too!)

Maryssa contacted me about shooting her wedding and we quickly got to talking about engagement photos.

Your wedding photos should represent you as a couple and so should your engagement photos!

SO the first question I asked after we talked the "where/when/budget" etc was essentially, who are you? What do the two of you love to do together, how would you describe yourself, Are you beer drinkers, wine drinkers, all about the great outdoors (or great indoors ;)

Maryssa essentially told me they were kinda "funky" and liked antiques/old stuff.

Enter, Record Store......Immediate "YES!"

Due to sickness and other life events, we rescheduled this session a couple of times and let me tell you. Worth it!

We headed to Toms Music Trade in Red Lion, PA (If you haven't been, GO! The Owner is super nice and his selection is great!)

The day was perfect, and the weather was just right to get some city/alley way shots to finish up our session.

Andrew & Maryssa were so easy to work with, listening to all the prompts I gave them and trusting my creative direction. Not to mention they're super cool and I could EASILY see myself hanging out with them.

A literal dream.

Here are some of my favorite photos from their engagement session in April. Cannot wait to capture and share with you their wedding in October.